Niantic Shut Down Fly GPS Joystick on Latest Update

On 31th October 2016, Niantic once again took an action in shutting down the third-party apps that related to Pokemon GO and this time, Fly GPS. On the latest update of version 5.0.0 Fly GPS created by Samboking seems like the developer has taking down the spoofing joystick for Pokemon GO.


The apps which have at least 5 millions downloads from all around the world now getting backlash on their review, many was unhappy about it. There’s must be a reason why the joystick was removed from the app, most likely due to Niantic anti-spoofing reason. Before this, Niantic has shut down any third-party tracking apps by changing their captcha.

Niantic says that any accounts that continued use of unauthorized services may result in bans in the future. So, if you decide to use any third-party apps to play the game, be careful. So far, there’s still don’t have any apps that can work as well as Fly GPS for Pokemon GO.

It is a good news for true players and bad news for spoofers. Many genuine players of the game really suggest it is the best to block any third-party apps so that the game stays for real players. Whatever it is the game is getting decline each month and people starts to question whether the hottest game of the game can last at least until end of this year.

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  1. Susan Reply

    Its fun to find things you didn’t expect to see. Its like a treasure hunt. I never gave my daughter a map to locate Easter eggs. I am a grandma, I didn’t know anything about Pokémon before this game. I am walking more, having fun with my kids and grandkids.
    I’ve heard people say it’s not fun anymore since the maps were removed. I say learn to enjoy working for what you want!

  2. Joel Reply

    I only used Fly GPS to stop my avatar from drifting during gym battles, so I wouldn’t get kicked out with an error and not be allowed in. Now I’m too afraid to try to take down or build up gyms, because I don’t want to go out only to waste my time….

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