Niantic Should Re-Think The Way They Go About Their Eggs

Hell all, there have been a few suggestions on Reddit lately about Niantic needing to fix the way they handle their eggs.

More and more players are starting to dislike the fact that eggs once found, are being reorganized in the bag.

Trainers want keep an eye on the eggs they find, especially since generation two has been released so that they can hatch the right Pokemon .

Obviously this is because now, all we want is to catch generation two Pokémon since the latest update.

Nut Niantic also have to remember that we cannot discard eggs, and because of that alone we shouldn’t have our eggs reshuffled.

This would mean we would get to select the egg we want to hatch, instead of picking one at random and hoping it’s the one we want.

Niantic should consider that, especially if you are buying incubators, it would be nice to get the most out of what you paid for, and at the moment we are paying for things that are relying too much on chance.

If you haven’t noticed the random order of eggs being put into your bag yet, a few players have in fact tested this and its been shown by some of them on Reddit, that 100% of time an egg is added, the order of them all is completely changed.

Another way to fix this problem is to put a date on the egg when you find it as another way of keeping track, on all your eggs in your bag.

That in theory would make things much easier, especially with generation two here, as all trainer are trying to hatch more and more generation two eggs, oppose to the previous generation of course.

What do you think of these egg suggestions? Should Niantic introduce a way to keep an eye on what egg is what? Or should they just leave it the way it is? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Zachary Reply

    Actually, I don’t think it really matters? You don’t know what’s in the egg until you hatch it… there’s no way of telling a certain 5km egg apart from another. Moreover, since we cannot discard the eggs, eventually we will hatch the egg that you “want” (if you know which one it is).
    It’s good enough that Niantic colour coded their eggs though, that’s one step forward. But TBH, it’s all based on luck anyway.

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