When is the Next PokemonGo Nest Migration?

The particularly designated place where certain Pokemon spawn is called a nest. On the other hand, when these designated spawning places changes to other locations it is known as nest migration.

So when is the next PokemonGo Nest Migration? 

Last 3 PokemonGo Nest migration have been exactly 14 days apart from each other as we know! It’s upto Niantic on when they are going to do the next Nest Migration, but if I’m not wrong it should be right after 2 days from today!

Last Nest Migration occurred exactly 12 days ago, so it’s pretty much sure that after 2 days we will be experiencing a Nest Migration!

I suggest go out and catch good Pokemon from the favorite Nest while you can, you got 2 days!

Also here are last nest Migration changes, for few Pokemon according to reported data from users around the world!

  • Charmander -> Nidoran 
  • Geodude -> Machop 
  • Eevee -> Exeggcute 
  • Machop -> Bulbasaur 
  • Bulbasaur -> Machop 
  • Diglett -> Gastly 
  • Mankey -> Pikachu 
  • Seel -> EKans 
  • ElectaBuzz -> Slowpoke 
  • Exeggcute -> Abra 
  • Pikachu -> Abra 
  • Magmar -> Sandshrew

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