Map markers might be a game changer! Idea

Hey, there fellow Pokemon go, Trainers, I hope you guys are doing well and hunting down those starters be sure to catch a ton of Bulbasaur and Squirtles, as they are good for effective gymming.

So I was casually walking down the street in my standard loop of pokestops in the city, I was finally able to catch a Venusaur which just spawned on my map.I was very happy and I wanted to share it with my friend lived about 3 blocks away from my current location.So I was wondering what if the game had a feature of sharing this within the game itself?

So the idea of the infamous “map marker” was born.It would be so damn cool to have a feature that would let other people actively playing the game, help each other out. With many people struggling to catch that handful of Pokemon and complete their Pokedex.

Such a feature would prove game changing, Whenever a trainer catches a Pokemon (be it any Pokemon) and he wishes to share the location of to a co-player.He/she can place a map marker, which players actively playing the game would be able to see as soon as updates it.

Although this is cool, there are a lot of things to consider, especially in the game’s early days, some criminal activity was reported.Thugs would lure up the poke stops late at night, so that player would be attracted to it, and move closer to it.This caused a safety issue and threatened many trainers.

If this feature was to be introduced in the game, there it would be highly likely and we might see similar news once again.There is a simple workaround for this problem.

Whenever a trainer wants to leave a mark on the map, they would be able to do so only if they have caught a Pokemon, and the marker would also display the Pokemon that was encountered so the players can, in fact, decide for themselves if it is really worth going out in the dark alone.

Now I know this can cause safety threats to users but what more could be done, how do you guys feel for such a feature.Let us know in the comment section.

Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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