Legendary Pokemon Theory! Everyone is waiting for those legendary Pokemon

With Gen-2 coming soon, trainers around the world are completing their Gen-1 Pokedex, everyone is waiting for those legendary Pokemon, Read on to find out how to find them….

Hello there folks, I hope you all are doing well and good. Now that we are currently in an “off-season ” for Pokemon Go. I thought it would be a really good time to give a thought or two about obtaining legendary Pokemon in the game.

Now long time players of the original handheld games would remember, trying hard to catch that Mewtwo and Mew in the original games (Ikr, bc I spent days for Mew). In the original games, Mewtwo could be obtained after beating the Elite Four. It is found resting in Cerulean cave Which also is the spot where the Pokemon Ditto could be found.

The fact that Mewtwo can be obtained in the game only after a certain accomplishment like beating the Elite Four is quite intriguing. Because there is no such thing as the Elite Four as of now in Pokemon Go.

The fact that Mewtwo can be obtained in the game only after a certain accomplishment like beating the Elite Four is quite intriguing. Because there is no such thing as the Elite Four as of now in Pokemon Go.

When Niantic labs released the trailer for Pokemon Go, this has been floating around the internet for about a year now. In it, we see a sort of “Mewtwo Event” where in trainers fight a wild Mewtwo which apparently appears at time square at a pre-decided time.

All the trainers fight the evil Mewtwo together and when finally, when it is defeated this comes up

And everyone celebrates together in joy, to have caught the strongest Gen-1 Pokemon!!!

So from this, we get a pretty good idea as to how Niantic plans to implement Legendary Pokemon into the game.In an interview, John Hanke the creator of the game said that legendary Pokemon would be “Very rare” and could be obtained only through events.
Although this seems cool and all, The idea of holding an event in a particular area or region is a total bummer.

There are many trainers around the world and not all of them have time and money to travel to other parts of the world just to catch a special Pokemon.This is one thing that Niantic should look out for if they don’t want to disappoint their fans.

So I think this is how things will go, when the “Mewtwo event” happens.

First up you would need to battle Mewtwo, at a common location like City Halls or  (Nah,that will disturb the readers) with only one of your Pokemon,and defeat it within a stipulated amount of time (Say 10 minutes) as you beat it for the first time you get a one time chance to catch a weakened Mewtwo. Now this fight is going to be a common fight, the damaged dealt will be updated in real time for all the trainers fighting Mewtwo at once, just like in the trailer.

After you catch it gets added to your Pokedex.After the limited one time encounter, you can then battle Mewtwo after a certain cooldown time (Say 2 Hour).This could either be at the same location or another location.To avoid traffic and stampede, the next location will vary from trainer to trainer thus keeping the event even more exciting and fun.

Now the second time you beat Mewtwo you get Mewtwo candies, and each time you win a battle with Mewtwo the tougher the next fight gets and more candies could be gained for subsequent fights.

I know that sounds like hard work and lazy guys like me are just better off catching pidgeys.The reason I think such hard work is needed is that Mewtwo would obviously be the strongest Pokemon in the game and lead to an imbalance in game experience to all the players.  Something similar could be done for catching legendary birds, and this time the only qualification is to be on the right team.

What do you guys think wouldn’t it be awesome. Let us know in the comments down below and let’s start a discussion.

Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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