Here’s what the Halloween events extra candy limit is based on!

While everyone is out at work or out enjoying the Halloween event, redditors have been researching the facts about the event.

According to most trainers , the daily limit of increased candy is based upon the egg distance walked. The limit found happens to be the 40KM cap per day, some trainers seem to think it could be 40KM every 12 hours.

There is no fact on exactly how much extra candy you can earn during the event, however one trainer has thrown a rough estimate of what they think could be the daily limit.

Candies per day – by AlarmRefined

From 2k egg ~160 candies

From 5k egg ~50 candies

From 10k egg ~30 candies

These estimates could be completely off so I would not go by this, However many redditors have responded on this reddit article to confirm the distance per day. Trainers looking to get the most out of the event should be prepared before hand by obtaining as many incubators as possible to hatch eggs quicker. 

Trainers who would like to know more information on how to better prepare for this Halloween event should visit this article. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to get the most out of your adventure on Halloween. The event is out know, so when you go out and explore, be sure to keep an eye out for killer clowns as they’ve become a serious threat.

The distance walked does not reset by switching buddy Pokemon so that’s definitely not an option. We’d like to hear more feedback from fans on this to confirm how much extra candy can be earned per day during the event, if you’ve got an analysis for us be sure to tweet me at @UchihaKoji so I can share your information with the world.

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