Gym Overhaul May Feature A Multiplayer Gym Battle In Pokemon GO

Niantic just teased the upcoming gym rework may feature multiplayer gym battles. In an exclusive interview with Wired, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that Pokemon GO will receive a major gym system rework.

Multiplayer Gym Battles In Pokemon GO

With that in mind, Pokemon Go players are expecting a lot better version of the gym system. During the GDC 2017, Tatsuo Nomura, senior product manager, admitted that the current system needs a lot of work.

According to Nomura, Pokemon GO is categorized as an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game but unlike the other games, it doesn’t have any NPC. Pointing out that there are no NPC’s in the game, Nomura emphasized that “We’re an MMO, and we expect people to play with other people.”

In the past interview with Wired, Hanke said that they are planning to revise the aspect of the game. So for the possible future gym update, there will be more interaction between a player with another player (which is likely a co-op).

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when Niantic is planning to roll out this update. Aside from the gym rework, Pokemon Go will receive 2 more major updates. Rumored that the next update from the gym rework is the trading feature.

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