Gyarados may be one of the most rarest spawns in Pokemon GO

While tons of trainers have marked the beginning of their adventure with a goal to catch a top Pokemon such as Dragonite, Lapras or Snorlax, others have set their eyes on a rare Pokemon that doesn’t seem to spawn often. In fact, when asking trainers if they’ve ever caught a Gyarados before, the response is usually “I’ve seen one or two the entire time I’ve played” which is a great answer when looking for some quality Pokemon that not everybody owns.

Gyarados obviously has a water biome which seems to be considered as a shared biome of Magikarp even though Magikarp seems to be a common spawn when near coastal areas. I’ve literally caught a Magikarp at a park before which is weird though the biome is based on water. Gyarados having a rare spawn is amazing for the set of a Generation 2 release, as Lake of Rage’s own Red Gyarados may make an appearance as they’ve found codes and phrases for Shiny pokemon in the actual source code.

Gyarados has led the game as the lead Pokemon other than Pikachu as the first wallpaper shows a trainer next to a Gyarados. According to some research websites Gyarados has a global spawn rate of 0.0032% which is very low when compared to a Dragonite or Snorlax. Personally I’ve seen more Dragonite and Snorlax in the game than Gyarados, which could also be due to them just being more useful for gyms battling or defending.

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