Generation II Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Go

As Buddy Pokemon update rolled out, every Pokemon Go trainer is excited what is the future of this amazing AR game not only this but players are all excited about Second Generation Pokemon which are supposed to be added in game in later 2017.

But what do you think Second Generation of pokemon will bring to game, and how will be they introduced…? There are many such question in my mind too regarding Generation II pokemons.

The things we know is that many pokemons will be getting their further evolution.Like Onix will be evolved in Steelix, Oddish to Bellossom, Zubat to Corbat, Scyther to Scizor and many more but the real doubt is what about the Pokemon’s who evolves with conditions for example Slowpoke to Slowking, Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon and others.Also now we have 3 teams and respective team has its own legendary Pokemon or we can say Legendary bird, but after second generation being introduced Pokemons Entei, Raiku and Suicune should be added as well.As of now no one has caught any of the legendary birds but at-least they are assigned to particular teams, would this condition be same for Entei, Raiku and Suicune too ?

What are your views on the changes that Generation II
pokemons can bring in Pokemon Go?

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