Decreased Razz Berry drop rate!! What does it mean?

Why are trainers complaining about decreased Razzberry drop rates from Pokestops, is there is a hidden motive behind it? Maybe new items are beeing added to the game Read on to find out more….

So hey guys, how’s everyone doing? recently, I found a good IV Arcanine within the perfect gymming range ie, about 1200CP I wanted to catch it, there are very less fire type Pokemon on my team so I really wanted that.As I clicked on the Pokemon the ring glowed red.I thought it was Razz Berry time.

Then it hit me that, I don’t have any more Razzberries left

When the game started, I used to toss away Razzberries in hundreds, only to make sure that I have enough stock of Pokeballs for the Weekend, now to my surprise I didn’t have any Razzberries left.

So I wanted to investigate further, I hit up my brother who also plays Pokemon Go, and he told me he is currently running low on Razzberries.So it hit me what’s wrong

Then I remembered the fact that in the initial days of the game When you are a lower level trainer, there are only a few things that could be obtained as items dropped from PokemoStops.Now as a trainer progresses in the game, Super potion, Hyper Potion, and Max Potion could also be obtained as items, and also more items like Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

Considering the fact of additional items being introduced as time progresses, It is only fair to have the drop rate decreased for items which were more common initially (Like Razzberries)

Also as the player progresses in the game, More and stronger Pokemon start appearing on the map, which only will mean more use of Razz Berries.I know it all sounds intimidating and all,

Let us know if you faced such an issue ever before?

let’s start a discussion in the comment section.

Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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