Christmas Update & In-Game Events Waiting For Niantic’s Green Light, Second Batch Of Gen 2 Pokemon Arrival

The “Pokemon Go” Christmas update has been one of the most awaited events for the loyal players and followers of the augmented reality game. Even if it was only released in July 2016, the popularity of Niantic’s newest game has been breaking charts and records.

The in-game events and entertaining game updates have boosted the popularity of the game even more. With more than 100 million downloads on Android alone, it appears that Niantic has found their very own goldmine with their breakout game.

Players are excitedly awaiting Niantic’s “Pokemon Go” Christmas update and in-game events to arrive on or before Christmas day. According to reports, players who will participate in the said events will get a lot of bonuses and XPs. Further, catching and hatching baby Gen 2 Pokemon will give more points and bonuses to players.

New Set Of Gen 2 Pocket Monsters. According to reports, Niantic plans to release at least 100 Gen 2 Pokemon. However, releasing them all at once in the game might not be such a good idea as the heavy new contents might cause game glitches.

Instead, Niantic has reportedly decided to introduce Gen 2 pocket monsters in installments. With that, players of the most popular augmented-reality game can expect a lot of interesting updates in 2017.

Niantic’s Christmas Announcement. Basing on Niantic’s update patterns, it appears that the company tends to go big during special occasions. In Halloween and Thanksgiving, a major game update and in-game event transpired. This has led players to expect “Pokemon Go” Christmas update and in-game events.

In fact, the Christmas update and in-game events from Niantic have been predicted to be one of the game’s annual practices. However, an official statement from Niantic has yet to be released. Only a few more days before Christmas and players are still crossing their fingers for a major “Pokemon Go” update to make the holidays merrier.

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