Christmas Event: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

A Pokémon Go Christmas event still hasn’t been confirmed by Niantic, even though Christmas time is almost here. Players are starting to get restless, unable to comprehend that the game publisher might not have any gifts ready for them under the mobile app Christmas tree. But some think news is coming today.

The reason many players are claiming that a new Pokémon Go Christmas event might be announced today is due to the timing of past events. The last two events, for Halloween and Thanksgiving, were both announced the Monday before the event started, around 9 a.m. EST. That hour has already passed, with zero comment from Niantic.

There is still time for them to announce something, all of those events started on a Wednesday. Maybe Niantic wants to try and shake things up a bit and have the event start a little bit closer to the actual holidays? If the PoGo development team wanted to start an event on Thursday, it wouldn’t be too crazy for them to announce the event on Tuesday.

If you were hoping for a crazy double XP or Stardust event to help you celebrate the holidays, it isn’t looking good. The Santa hat Pikachus and Raichus, along with the small amount of Generation 2 eggs, might be all PoGo players are going to get. I’d say be grateful they even gave us anything at all, but I know the internet better than that. Get your pitchforks ready guys, a Niantic hate train is coming.  Happy Holidays, you Pokémon Masters.

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