Chansey as a Gym Defender after CP/HP update

It wasn’t too long ago Niantic changed CP/HP’s for various Pokemon in Pokemon Go, some pokemon had a massive increase and some pokemon had massive decrease in CP/HP.

Chansey’s previous CP before the CP Update was 675 but after the update, Chansey’s MAX CP increased to 1469, that’s a massive 794 CP Increase! and HP for Chansey was changed as well before it was 500 and now it’s 704, there’s 204 HP increase and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

CP before update: 675
CP after update: 1469
Total increase: 794

HP before update: 500
HP after update: 704
Total increase: 204

Having a high level Chansey will keep all low level players away from your Gym, according to a reddit player,

He powered up his Chansey to lvl 31, CP1194 ZH & HB and tried some different Vaporeons on her. With just spamming attacks and using charge attacks as much as possible, no dodging, it took a 2400cp Vaporeon to beat her, the Vaporeon lost about 80% HP.

He tried the same thing again with a 2262cp Vaporeon but it timed out and both Pokemon lost about 90% HP.

There are 2 downside for Chansey as a Gym Defender.

  • She will always be at the bottom of a gym, you only have to defeat her once.
  • While having a Chansey as a GYM Defender, you can’t prestige that easily.

There’s a plus side of having a Chansey as a Gym Defender.

  • It’ll keep all low level players out, since they can’t get past Chansey at all!

The best way to get Chansey is to hatch one, finding it in wild is just too rare! I have never seen one myself.

Once Generation 2 Pokemon are out, We will be able to evolve Chansey into Blissey and that is going to be an overkill but we will see about it when it comes out!

Have you hatched or caught a Chansey yet?!

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  1. Devin Alford Reply

    Great info – thank you. I thought I would never see a Chansey, then I caught two while I was in Las Vegas last week. First time I did Pokemon in Las Vegas (I also lost a lot less money… hahaha)

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