Baby Pokemon Changes Position After Making Them Buddy

Niantic the parent company if Pokemon Go managed to surprise its users by its 12/12 update. Players are quite happy about it, also the player community is happy that Niantic started listening to its Community. Niantic updated on their website that limited edition Pikachu and more new Pokemon are coming.

As all this Second Generation Pokemon are hatching from eggs as baby pokemon its quite happy to walk 10km and find a Magby.

Also like other pokemon we can add this pokemon as our buddy pokemon, unlike Pikachu or other Pokemon these pokemon does’t stand behind you or onto your shoulder the just jump onto your hand.Looks cute right ? I personally managed to find a Magby and special pikachu till now, and been hunting for Togepi and others.

Which all Pokemon did you guys find ? Did any one get Larvitar ?

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