Good reason to catch those starters!!

Hey, there guys, how’s it going.If you guys really needed more reasons as to going out in the freezing cold winter to catching those Pokemon instead of partying in your local bar this year, guesses what? I have some good news in stock for you.

If you guys didn’t already know efficient gym training requires being able to defeat a friendly Pokemon (same team as yours) with as little relative CP as that you guys could gain the maximum amount of XP in less number of battles thus helping you leveling up friendly gyms as soon as possible.

Now that we got that cleared out, we know that not all Pokemon are created equal in the world of Pokemon Go.

When training friendly gyms, think about CP Efficiency. Lower attack relative to defense or stamina is efficient. High variance between stats is likely to be more efficient!!

As I was browsing through the internet myself I stumbled upon this interesting spreadsheet that gave us a complete breakdown CP efficiency of all the species of Pokemon.

Now according to this calculation and my interpretation,

Both Ivysaur and Venusaur are almost at the same CP efficiency values, Bulbasaur so you can skip that last evolution and instead start pumping those Bulbasaur candies to make your Ivysaur stronger.Although a Parasect with bug bite and Solarbeam is ideal it just seems very difficult to get one with good IV’s and within the perfect CP range for gymming.

Also, another interesting fact is Blastoise/Wartortle are better off than Vaporeon to train friendly gyms as they have a slightly (about 2%) difference in the CP efficiency values.

When it comes to the Charizard family things are slightly different, the entire family is not that CP efficient and Charizard which tends to have a higher possibility of getting wing attack as it’s quick move is not that beneficial as you would be missing out on STAB bonus.

 So when you go out these catch those Squirtle and Bulbasaur they might come in handy in powering up gyms and guess what, catching those Squirtles would also help you in improving the possibility of water gun hydro pump Blastoise which would make a good Rhydon counter in gym battles.

Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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