Results From Evolving 45 Eevees At Night-Way of getting Umbreon and Espeon

Everyone has been busy using the name trick for Eevee. Trying to get the latest two Eevee evolutions. After using your one-time use name trick, there is another sure way of getting Umbreon and Espeon.

The other way to get Umbreon or Espeon is a bit lengthier, but you are certain to get either or. Depending on the time of day you evolve Eevee. In order to do this, you must walk Eevee while he/she is your buddy 10km and receive at least 2 candies. Evolving your buddy Pokemon in the morning or at night, will give you either Umbreon or Espeon. Umbreon is at night, Espeon is in the morning.

The only problem is, if you want to get the new Eevee Evolutions. You HAVE to walk them 10km and gain two candies, otherwise, you just won’t receive either. Apprently, after evolving 45 Eevees at night. Reddit user Kevlar2351, didn’t receive a single Umbreon.


  • Flareon- 24
  • Jolteon- 9
  • Vaporeon- 12
  • Espeon- 0
  • Umbreon- 0

Commonly thought, each Eevee evolution has a random chance of being the one you get when evolving. Though if you want Umbreon or Espeon. You need to evolve them in the morning or night, depending on the one you want.

However, that isn’t the case. If you have evolved countless Eevees, hoping to get lucky. Well, there is proof that the new evolutions aren’t random after all. If you happen to evolve one or the other randomly, it was either changed recently, or you are just trying to troll other trainers.

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