6th Pokemon GO Nest Migration Just Happened

Halloween Event ended today and trainers around the world started reporting that they are seeing a change in Pokemon Nests, The migration happened around 10-12 hours ago.

We are updating this article as new info comes in for the 6th Great Pokemon Go Nest Migration, so make sure to visit later again.

Pokemon GO 6th Nest Migration

The SilphRoad Atlas has been updated with few new migration and it’s confirmed by many other users on reddit as well!

The Pokemon Go Nest Migration changes are big this time in that, newly common Pokemon Species, now includes Paras, Poliwag, Oddish, Fire/Rock Types etc. Where they were not previously common.

We request to trainers to go outside, check your local nest and report back in the comments or our Pokemon GO Facebook Page‘s wall.

Here is the table of Nest Migration Pokemon changes

note that we will be update the chart as soon as more news comes in!

Before Nest Migration -> After Nest Migration

  • Charmander -> Nidoran | Unconfirmed
  • Geodude -> Machop | Confirmed
  • Eevee -> Exeggcute | Unconfirmed
  • Machop -> Bulbasaur | Confirmed
  • Bulbasaur -> Machop | Unconfirmed
  • Diglett -> Gastly | Confirmed
  • Mankey -> Pikachu | Confirmed
  • Seel -> EKans | Unconfirmed
  • ElectaBuzz -> Slowpoke | Confirmed
  • Exeggcute -> Abra | Confirmed
  • Pikachu -> Abra | Unconfirmed
  • Magmar -> Sandshrew | Confirmed

Don’t worry I will be updating and adding more details as soon as it comes in!!

Reddit user hieigodsendreported that:hieigodsend

After observing the spawn all over Auckland, NZ and at least four of the most popular Nest, my theory is that they removed the nests (or some of it anyway) and made the area a healthy diverse biome with these notable stuff:

  • Decreased common 2km pokemon spawn rate (pidgey/zubat/weedle/caterpie/etc)
  • Other 2km pokemon spawn rate could either be the same as before Halloween or increased a little.
  • Significantly increased 5km pokemon spawn rate. So the common 5km hatches will be common (obviously). Like Paras/Poliwag/Venonat/Bellsprouts/Oddish/Nidoran/etc. The rarer ones seems to be the same as before Halloween or increased a little (like the 2km rares).
  • Clefairies on high grounds have been increased on spawn rate.
  • Can’t conclude anything yet for 10km pokemon, aside from increased Eevee spawn everywhere.

This new “Healthy Diverse Biome” also appears to be implemented on non-nest area (aka almost everywhere now). To top it off, it looks like they increased the spawn rate/points on area (specially on old nests), which compliments the change on spawn type diversity.

Edit: I want to note also that this new change could make people wrongly mark an area a new type of nest because A pokemon spawn a lot on a given time. Make sure these type of pokemon spawn a lot inside a few hours at least before marking it a nest.

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  1. Jumanji Reply

    AF Thomas Golf Course Park at Northcote has Scyther popping up twice every 15 minutes. It is great but hard to catch sometimes being in the middle of golf course.

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