Players Forced To Uninstall And Reinstall The App?

Have you been having problems with the most recent update still? This last update was probably the most buggy of them all. Some glitches are small and could easily be forgiven but others not so much. Returning back to the blank screen bug. It’s even worse than before.

Trainers have been receiving this unfaithful glitch yet again, only this time. A simple app restart isn’t enough to cure the loneliness. No, even worse trainers are uninstalling and reinstalling the app in hopes for their games to work.

If you worry that your information may be lost forever. No need to. Because we use account information the games data isn’t locked onto our phones. Niantic has servers for players accounts and all of their account information.

How does this bug occur? After exiting the game it seems to lock up. This is where the reinstalling of the game is necessary. Even after trying that, Pokemon Go doesn’t always seem to work. An issue with the overlay setting will show up, without an option to turn it on or off.

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